Club Wort maintains an extensive list of brewing-related books, available for checkout to members free of charge.

Book Title Author
300 Beers To Try Before You Die! Roger Protz
Ambitious Brew - The Story of American Beer (One Signed & One Unsigned Copy) Maureen Ogle
Beer - A History of Brewing In Chicago Bob Skilnik
Beer and Wine Production - Analysis, Characterization, and Technological Advances Barry H. Gump and David J. Pruett
Brew Like A Monk - Trappist, Abbey, and Strong Belgium Ales and How to Brew Them Stan Hieronymus
Brew Ware - How to Find, Adapt & Build Homebrewing Equipment Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens
Brew Your Own British Real Ale - Recipes for More Than 100 Brand-Name Real Ales Graham Wheeler and Roger Protz
Brewing Classic Styles - 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew (2 Copies) Jamil Zainasheff and John J. Palmer
Brewing Lager Beer - The Most Comprehensive Book for Home- and Microbrewers Gregory J. Noonan
Brewing Mead - Wassail! In Mazers of Mead - The Intriguing History of the Beverage of Kings and Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions fore Brewing it at home Lt Colonel Robert Gayre, Gayre & Nigg with Charlie Papazian
Classic Beer Style Series 02 - Continental Pilsner David Miller
Classic Beer Style Series 04 - Vienna Marzen Oktoberfest - (2 Copies) George & Laurie Fix
Classic Beer Style Series 05 - Porter Terry Foster
Classic Beer Style Series 06 - Belgian Ale Pierre Rajotte
Classic Beer Style Series 07 - German Wheat Beer Eric Warner
Classic Beer Style Series 08 - Scotch Ale (2 Cpoies) Gregory J. Noonan
Classic Beer Style Series 09 - Bock Darryl Richman
Classic Beer Style Series 10 - Stout Michael J. Lewis
Classic Beer Style Series 11 - Barley Wine Fal Allen and Dick Cantwell
Classic Beer Style Series 12 - Altbier Horst D. Dornbusch
Classic Beer Style Series 13 - Kolsch Eric Warner
Classic Beer Style Series 14 - Brown Ale Ray Daniels and Jim Parker
Classic Beer Style Series 15 - Mild Ale David Sutula
Classic Beer Style Series 16 - Pale Ale Terry Foster
Classic Beer Style Series 17 - Bavarian Helles Horst D. Dornbusch
Classic Beer Style Series 18 - Smoked Beers Ray Daniels and Geoffrey Larson
Clone Brews - Homebrew Recipes for 150 Commercial Beers Tess and Mark Szamatulski
Clone Brews, 2nd Edition - Recipes for 200 Commercial Beers Tess and Mark Szamatulski
Designing Great Beers - The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles (2 Copies) Ray Daniels
Evaluating Beer Edited by Brewers Publications
Extreme Brewing - An Enthusiast’s Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home (2 Copies) Sam Calagione
Home Brewer’s Gold - Prize Winning Recipes from the 1996 World Beer Cup Competition Charlie Papazian
Homebrew Favorites - A Coast to Coast Collection of more than 240 Beer and Ale Recipes (2 Copies) Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens
Homegrown Hops - An Illustrated How-To-Do-It Manual David R. Beach
Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop Stephen Cresswell
How To Brew - Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time John J. Palmer
How to Build a Small Brewery - Draft Beer in Ten Days 3rd Edition Bill Owens and Geoff Harries
IPA - Brewing Techniques, Recipes, and the Evolution of India Pale Ale Mitch Steele
Making Cider Jo Deal
Making Mead - A Complete Guide to the Making of Sweet and Dry Mead, Melomel, Metheglin, Hippocras, Pyment and Cyser Bryan Acton & Peter Duncan
Making Mead (Honey Wine) - History, Recipes, Methods, and Equipment Roger A. Morse
Making the Best Apple Cider Annie Proulx
Microbrewed Adventures - A Lupulin-Filled Journey to the Heart and Flavor of the World's Great Charlie Papazian
Midwest Homebrewing & Winemaking Video Midwest Supplies
Mild Ale - History, Brewing Techniques, Recipes David Sutula
Modern Homebrew Recipes - Exploring Styles and Contemporary Techniques Gordon Strong
More Homebrew Favorites - 260 New Brews! Karl F. Lutzen & Mark Stevens
Principles of Brewing Science George Fix
Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two Jim Koch
Radical Brewing - Recipes, Tales & World-Altering Meditations in a Glass Randy Mosher
Tasting Beer - An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink Rand Mosher
The Brewmaster's Bible - The Gold Standard For Homebrewers Stephen Snyder
The Brewmaster's Table - Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food Garrett Oliver
The Complete Joy of Home Brewing - 3rd Edition (2 Copies) Charlie Papazian
The Complete MeadMaker - Home Production of Honey Wine from your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations Ken Schramm
The Home Brewer’s Companion - The Essential Handbook Charlie Papazian
The Home Brewer’s Companion - The Essential Handbook (Reprint) Charlie Papazian
The Homebrewer's Answer Book - Solutions to Every Problem, Answers to Every Question Ashton Lewis
The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide - More Than 175 Original Beer Recipes Patrick Higgins, Maura Kete Kilgore & Paul Hertlein
The Oxford Companion to Beer Garrett Oliver
The True Brew Handbook - A Beginner's Guide to Home Brewing Seth Schneider
Traditional Beer and Cider Making Ian Ball
Water - A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (2 Copies) John Palmer and Colin Kaminski
Wild Brews - Beer Beyond the Influence of Brewer’s Yeast (2 Copies) Jeff Sparrow
Winner’s Circle - 10 Years of Award-WInning Homebrew Recipes The American Homebrewers Association
Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation Chris White with Jamil Zainasheff
Farmhouse Ales - Culture and Craftmanship in the Belgian Tradition Phil Markowski
Principles of Brewing Science George Fix
For The Love of Hops - The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops Stan Hieronymus
American Sour Beers - Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations Michael Tonsmeire

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